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November 25 2012


Volusia County Schools

People schools are conducting their state tests. Our prime school started two weeks ago, as well as the middle school starts now. Each year they send endless emails and notices home reminding us to make sure our kids get plenty of sleep and consume a good breakfast before school. If we didn't ordinarily accomplish that for our kids' sake, why would we do it now?

Volusia Schools

As well as the kids happen to be spending a lot of the last few weeks studying with this exam. They have been reviewing material that they have studied in past years so that they'll excel on those portions of the test.

I send the kids to college so they can receive an education. However for 2-3 weeks each year they stop the teaching and focus about the testing. Now I am aware that tests are a part of education. You learn something then have a test. If you do well on the test, you've learned the fabric. If not, you have more attempt to do. This is not what are the standardized tests are about.

The standardized tests also cover material that kids learned this past year or even the year before. Is reviewing this material good to the students? Well, I know that I've forgotten some of the some tips i learned in class. Everyone does. Is it worth the time for you to re-learn it to enable you to keep all those facts in your thoughts? Typically I do believe the answer then is no. Cheap schools don't review old material (except to create kids back up to speed after summer break) seems to bear that out.

The faculties are putting so much increased exposure of these tests that some children are stressed out about it. I know a young child which was so stressed about it that he cheated around the test in second grade. They don't really get this worked up about final exams. This is outside of the curriculum that they are studying in their classes, as well as the results have absolutely nothing regarding the grades they receive this trimester.

Schools are already charged with 'teaching towards the test'. Which means they teach the materials that'll be on the test in a way that maximizes the probability the kids will fill in the proper bubble if it is time. (They even can received instruction now concerning how to properly fill out the bubble!) Is that this what the kids should be learning in order to be successful in everyday life? I'm not sure. Nevertheless the schools put aside their regular curriculum annually to organize for and take these tests.

What makes them doing all of this? And so the school's test scores can look good. Schools are judged by their average test scores, and the schools can do anything they can to improve those numbers. Including rely on students.

If these tests are supposed to measure how good the college teaches, allow the kids take the test with no pressure. Should they know the material, they'll get the answers right. Should they don't, we'll know in which the school must improve.

However with schools essentially competing against each other, they have to do what you can to enhance their average test scores.

Volusia Schools

I've recently found that I am not the only parent who hates these tests. I've grumbled about this for years, but never done anything regarding it or perhaps objected towards the school. Lots of parents are objecting in a meaningful way. They're pulling their children out of the tests.

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